It is understood that submitted reseraches have not been published previously and are not being submitted for publication elsewhere even if it were in a different language. Submitted manuscripts are first examined by the editorial board for the pre-referee process, and then sent to the referees board for blind review. Manuscripts that are approved by the two referees get accepted to present and to publish. If one of the referees finds the manuscript unsuitable for publication, it is passed on to a third referee. It is the author’s responsibility to revise the manuscript based on the suggestions of the referees, and it is the obligation of the Board of Editors to ensure these suggestions are observed by the author. If deemed necessary, the editor is entitled to make changes in the spelling and language of the manuscript. The author bears the sole responsibility for the contents of the manuscript.


• Format of article should be as follows:

Program : Microsoft Word Paper
Size : 210x297 mm

Top : 3 cm
Bottom : 3 cm
Right : 2 cm
Left : 2 cm

Top : 2 cm
Bottom : 2 cm

Font and font size : Times New Roman, 11
Indent first line of each paragraph: 1,25 cm.
Space between paragraphs : 0,6 nk
Space between lines : single
Quotations : İtalics

Writing : Times New Roman, 9
Space between lines : single

• Articles can be in Turkish, English, German or French. All articles should have Turkish and English abstracts.
• A maximum of seven subject keywords should be used and these should be in Turkish and the working language of the paper.
• Put an asterisk right next to his/her name on the title page to denote there is a footnote explaining the academic title, institution, and e-mail address (in parenthesis and italics)

• In articles, main titles that are appropriate to the content of the topic should be numbered as 1. 2. 3., subtitles as 1.a. 2.a. 3.a.
• Results of the research should be included in Conclusion.
• Maps or pictures that are to be added to the article should be submitted as Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .docx) document, numbered and sent in a differ- ent folder.
• Graphics should be prepared in Microsoft Office Excel (.xls) or Word (.doc, .docx) and inserted appropriately in the article.


• The full name and last name of the author should be given when the source is given for the first time.
• Name of the source should be written in italics.
• Publisher, place of publication, year and page number of the book should be given.
• Footnote should be written in Times New Roman and font size 9.


• When articles are used in footnote, the title of the article should be in “quotation marks” and the title of the work where the article appeared should be given in italics.
• If the same work will be referred to repeatedly, it should be written as follows:
• If another source is referred to between source A and its ibid, it should be written as follows:
• If multiple pages of the same source are to be referred to in the footnote, they should then be indicated as follows:
• Retrieval date, URL of the web page and tags in articles or internet sourc- es which are in .pdf format should be given as follows:


• Works that will be added to bibliography should been the following order:
I. Archive Sources
II. Newspapers and Journals
III. Books
IV. Articles
V. Internet Sources
VI. Oral History Interviews

• All sources used in footnotes are given in the BIBLIOGRAPHY and are alphabetized by last name.

• All works should be written in alphabetical order (A to Z) in subtitles.

• Author should send his/her prepared article according to rules above via email (cttad.deu@gmail.com) and also forward it to the to editor. Author must type his/her email address and phone number.