MedIterranean PolIcy of the Ottoman EmpIre

Cyprus before the Ottomans

Conquest of NIcosIa

Conquest of Famagusta

The Conquest of Cyprus and Cause-Effect RelatIonshIps

Conquest Process

Ottoman Navy and Cyprus

MIgratIon ActIvItIes to Cyprus After 1571

PopulatIon Structure of Cyprus

Ottoman FoundatIon InstItutIons (Waqfs) In Cyprus

Mevlevi Lodges In Cyprus

Tombstones In Cyprus

Toponomy In Cyprus

SocIal Structure In Cyprus

Court Records In Cyprus

SocIal LIfe In Cyprus

Cultural LIfe In Cyprus

EconomIc LIfe In Cyprus

EducatIonal InstItutIons In Ottoman Cyprus

Cyprus and NamIk Kemal

LIterature In Cyprus

SecurIty and Cyprus

Eastern MedIterranean and Its StrategIc Importance

Defence of Castles and CItIes In Cyprus

Places of WorshIp and Holy SItes In Cyprus

Ottoman Navy Before and After the Conquest

1571-1918 Cyprus and MIlItary, PolItIcal PersonalItIes

1571-1918 Culture, Art and Press and PublIcatIon ActIvItIes

The Cyprus War of 1570, the Role of the Navy and LogIstIcs

Levant Maritime Trade – ShIpyards and ShIpbuIldIng In the Levant RegIon

HIstorIcal Cartography of Cyprus

PIracy, PIracy and RaIders In the Eastern MedIterranean

HIstorIcal Monuments to MarItIme ActIvItIes In Cyprus

1878 and the QuestIon of the Transfer of Cyprus to England

AnnexatIon of Cyprus by BrItaIn

World War I and Cyprus